About us

The story of how eyecre.at started and how we have evolved throughout the years.

Company Profile

eyecre.at GmbH is an innovative and forward-looking company specializing in the development and distribution of 3D tissues and organs. With our technology, we aim to revolutionize medical training and education, particularly in the realm of ophthalmic surgery.

Our Vision:

Surgeons, throughout their education and entire careers, continuously acquire new skills and refine existing ones. By providing realistic 3D models of ocular tissues and organs, we offer them the opportunity to practice in a risk-free environment, thereby enhancing the safety and effectiveness of real-life operations.

Products & Services:

  • 3D Tissues and Organs: High-quality, realistic models that mimic both the structure and behavior of actual ocular tissues.
  • Customized Models: Options to tailor the models to specific requirements or rare cases.
  • Training Systems: Comprehensive sets that include all the necessary tools and aids for an extensive surgeon’s training.

Our Value Proposition:

  1. Realism: Our 3D models are not only visually convincing but also simulate the actual feel and responses of genuine tissues.
  2. Safety: Surgeons can hone their skills without any risk to real patients.
  3. Efficiency and Resilience: Through our training models, the surgeon’s resilience is enhanced. This leads to fewer complications during actual procedures, faster patient recovery, and thus, a significant reduction in treatment costs.
Artificial eye quality inspection


First online-shop

  • Eyelabinnovations

Breaking into the Market

  • The first 1000 artificial eyes sold
  • Market development of the eyes with governmental funding for innovation

Continuous Growth

  • 3000 artificial eyes sold
  • New headquarters with mts - the wetlab company


  • 8000 artificial eyes sold
  • New product development department
  • New online store
  • New product line "Liquids"
  • Expanded crew for production and sales

Making New Friends

  • Partnership with 3D Druck Hechenberger
  • New product lines
    • "Hydrophilics"
    • "Sets 4 Practice"
    • "Instruments"

Entering New Markets

  • 500 Instruments and 2000 OVD’s sold
  • "Set 4 Presentation"
  • Inventing a solution for miLOOP training
  • Starting with Ophthalmic Training eLearning platform
  • Offering the best solution for EYLEA©️ training

Going Viral

  • 4500 Set 4 Presentation sold
  • Starting project 4 Students 
  • Social Media 
  • Inventing a solution for Santen MicroShunt
  • Benjamin Pedross, New shareholder & CTO
  • Miro Mynttinen, New Project Manager
  • Sam Good, New Product Design Engineer


  • New website
  • Kit 4 Vitrectomy
  • New office and manufacturing facilities