About us

The story of how eyecre.at started and how we have evolved throughout the years.

Our Story

It all started small, when the CEO, David Ortner, recognized that there was room for improvement after years of experience in doctor training and wetlabs. In a field where the alternatives were limited, he realized it was possible to create a product that could solve most of the existing issues with artificial eye production, while still providing the essential innovations for ophthalmic doctors and companies.

When the prototype was ready, it was clear that David was right. He had managed to create an artificial eye that felt like a real one while still capable of being stored for long periods and customizable to customer requests. However, it did not stop there.

Now, David had an answer, but he needed people to listen to him. So, together with a new partner, David Oberbichler, he founded eyecre.at GmbH, in Ötztal Bahnhof. Since then, the company has grown steadily, customer after customer, including large companies and universities.

Today, eyecre.at GmbH produces the best solutions available on the market. The market superiority yields from many years of experience in the ophthalmic wetlab equipment sector, and products tailored to customers’ needs, domestically manufactured, and continuously developed.

Artificial eye quality inspection


First online-shop

  • Eyelabinnovations

Breaking into the Market

  • The first 1000 artificial eyes sold
  • Market development of the eyes with governmental funding for innovation

Continuous Growth

  • 3000 artificial eyes sold
  • New headquarters with mts - the wetlab company


  • 8000 artificial eyes sold
  • New product development department
  • New online store
  • New product line "Liquids"
  • Expanded crew for production and sales

Making New Friends

  • Partnership with 3D Druck Hechenberger
  • New product lines
    • "Hydrophilics"
    • "Sets 4 Practice"
    • "Instruments"

Entering New Markets

  • 500 Instruments and 2000 OVD’s sold
  • "Set 4 Presentation"
  • Inventing a solution for miLOOP training
  • Starting with Ophthalmic Training eLearning platform
  • Offering the best solution for EYLEA©️ training

Going Viral

  • 4500 Set 4 Presentation sold
  • Starting project 4 Students 
  • Social Media 
  • Inventing a solution for Santen MicroShunt
  • Benjamin Pedross, New shareholder & CTO
  • Miro Mynttinen, New Project Manager
  • Sam Good, New Product Design Engineer


  • New website
  • Kit 4 Vitrectomy
  • New office and manufacturing facilities