Building Surgeons Confidence, Layer by Layer

10+ years creating top-tier ophthalmic wetlab equipment, including our unmatched 3D printed human eyes for a realistic surgical experience.

Custom solution development

Have you ever felt like you cannot find a specific medical training product for you or your company?

Get to know more about our custom development opportunities and earlier customisation projects.

10+ years driven by innovation


Continuous innovation


Our products are engineered and produced completely in Austria to meet the best production standards, and are developed with one main aim: to provide our customers with the best tools to unlock and improve their skills.​

Customized on demand


All our products are customisable without limitations, so in the case that the available products do not fulfill your needs, we happy to work with you on your personal solution.

Customer in the center


We are happy when our customers are satisfied. That's why we leverage agile frameworks to provide precise, attentive and timely support to our customers.

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Team members

Without a talented and motivated team, exceptional success rarely can be achieved. Get to know the people behind! 


Every company has its own growth story to be told. Get to know how the story of started and how we have evolved ever since!


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