Cataract & IOL

Our product range is comprehensive, catering to various needs in the field of ophthalmic training. We offer artificial eyes, which are essential for realistic and practical training scenarios, especially for operations and managing specific eye diseases.

Additionally, our training kits are designed to provide hands-on experience in the most crucial aspects of ophthalmic procedures. These kits are instrumental in developing skills for treating conditions like cataracts, as well as for the implantation and replacement of lenses.

Furthermore, we have a wide array of Accessories & Disposables. These include essential items and tools that complement our artificial eyes and training kits, ensuring a complete and thorough training experience. These accessories and disposables are carefully selected to enhance the practical training process, providing a real-world feel to the exercises.

For anyone interested in enhancing their skills in ophthalmic procedures, our range of products offers the necessary tools and resources. Please contact us to learn more about how our products can meet your specific training needs.

Artificial eyes


Accessories & disposables

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