JACOBOVITZ multifunctional chopper KIT



Product Description:

With this kit, you can train pre-slice and chopping techniques with the Jacobovitz multifunctional chopper, for all grades of cataracts. The kit includes two (Geuder) Jacobovitz multifunctional choppers, two artificial eyes, and lenses with various rigidities. The reusable Eye 4 Jacobovitz has an open sky system that enables multiple insertions of the lenses into the artificial eye. The instrument is produced by Geuder AG and designed by Sérgio Jabobovitz (Md, Ph.D., Ophthalmologist, a specialist in cataract surgery).

Product Size:

Eye 4 Phaco Open Sky 2
JACOBOVITZ multifunctional chopper 2
Lens 4 Phaco Hard Lens 7
Lens 4 Phaco Medium Lens 7
Lens 4 Phaco Soft Lens 7

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm