Hoya DryLab KIT



Hoya DryLab KIT provides a perfect simulation experience for Hoya lens implantation.

The order can be placed by an eligible person accepted by Hoya.

If you order this product, you will receive a training kit with the following content:

Head 4 eyes

Pad 4 Eyes

Pad 4 Pigs

Eye 4 Cataract/Eye 4 Aphakia 3 container

Methylcellulose (Dispersive & Cohesive)

Slit Knife 2.8

15° Knife

1M-04-310 Colibri Forceps

1M-11-690 Cyclodialysis Spatula – 0.5 mm Wide; 10×15 mm Long Blades & Blunt Tips

11M-10-575 Iris Hook – 9 mm Angled Shaft & Blunt 0.75 mm Hook

1M-8-490 Eye Scissors Curved Blades with Sharp Points – Length 11.5 cm

1M-3-240 Insertion Forceps for Acrylic & Silicone Lens – Length 10.5 cm

1M-2-175 Capsulorhexis Forceps ANG Ultra Fine Grasping Tips – Length10.5 cm

1M-2-155 Universal Micro Scissors CVD – Length 14 cm

1M-3-190 Lens Push and Pull Manipulator – 0.4 mm Ball & 0.8 mm Finger

Several canulas in a container

USB camera

Utility box, (needles, paper towels & cannulas)

Syringe 5 mm

Tablet and charger

Hoya lenses

Lense models (Scale model)

Reusable shooter

Portable Speaker

Case 4 Equipment