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Eye 4 Iris is an advanced ophthalmic training tool that is designed to replicate the conditions of a real-life phacoemulsification surgical procedure. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to print a 4-layer coloured iris with an impressive layer thickness of 24μm. The iris we’ve developed boasts a Shore A30 hardness rating, which is a standardised scale used to measure the hardness of materials. In essence, this means that the iris is as soft as it is possible to 3D print. This level of softness is ideal for ophthalmic training and research as it closely resembles the texture and feel of a human iris.

Made with high-quality 3D materials, Eye 4 Iris closely mimics the feel and texture of a human eye, providing a realistic training experience. Eye 4 Iris allows ophthalmologists, residents, and medical students to practice a complete phacoemulsification procedure, from the initial incision to the cataract removal. By using Eye 4 Iris, medical professionals can hone their surgical skills and gain confidence in performing these complex procedures.

The unique manipulatable iris of Eye 4 Iris ensures that students can practice uniform dilation of the pupil, allowing for a more realistic and challenging training experience. This feature also enables medical professionals to develop the necessary techniques and skills for handling and manipulating delicate eye tissues during surgery.

In summary, Eye 4 Iris is an innovative and essential tool for ophthalmic training, enabling medical professionals to improve their skills and providing better outcomes for patients undergoing cataract surgery.


Iris thickness 96µm (4 layers)
Pupil diameter 5000µm
Cornea thickness 500µm
Zonular fibres 600µm

As with all our new eyes, Eye 4 Iris is compatible with our new Angle Retainer 4 Eye.

Compatible with the following tools/instruments:

Iris Hooks
APX Dilator
Malyugin Ring
Uniform Circumferential Expansion
I-Ring Pupil Expander
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If your application is not listed, feel free to write to us or request a sample.

The material reacts to temperature fluctuations. In the cold, the material hardens, so to attain the most realistic training experience, the artificial eye should be stored at room temperature. If possible, you should also protect the container from sunlight since the artificial eye is mostly made of photoreactive 3D-printed materials.

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