Custom solution development

We develop your desired product, so that you can elevate your business.

Due to our rapid prototyping team and additive manufacturing processes, we are capable to provide tailored 3D-printed medical solutions for various requests.

What we customise?

Artificial eyes

We offer to develop customized 3D printed artificial eyes for your specific need. This need could stem from new operating methods, a new instrument or a lack of other available options.

Storage and presentation

We design eye-catching packaging for your product. The boxes can be requested in plastic or cardboard, with custom prints and a magnetic closing system. We offer packaging in three different sizes; S, M & L.

Inlay design

A perfectly fitting inlay for your product package gives your customers a professional impression. Notably, the products are protected and distinctly arranged inside of the packaging. The inlay foam is laser cut and engraved.

Tools to display your products

If you find yourself searching for tools to display and demonstrate your products, our product-developing team can provide you with personalized 3D-printed models and devices for your specific needs.


If you search for a set of equipment but unsure which instruments to include in your medical training, we are happy to help you to gather a fine collection of instruments and tools for the best possible setup for your training.

Booklet & printed materials

To complete your personalized product or kit, we can help you to design a stylish and clear booklet to provide instructions for your customers. We also offer personalized illustrations which are crafted by our partner

Get to know to the wide variety of customisation projects we have conducted.

What we have customised?

Jacobovitz multifunctional chopper kit

Sergio Jacobovitz contacted us and wanted to develop a training kit for his wetlab course. The request was fulfilled and we provided him with the Jacobovitz multifunctional chopper kit.

With Jacobovitz multifunctional chopper kit, you can train symmetric bimanual phaco fragmentation on an artificial eye with the Jacobovitz multifunctional chopper. The kit includes two (Geuder) Jacobovitz multifunctional choppers, two artificial eyes, and lenses with various rigidities. The reusable Eye 4 Jacobovitz has an open sky system that enables multiple insertions of the lenses into the artificial eye.

The instrument is produced by Geuder AG and designed by Sérgio Jabobovitz (Md, Ph.D., Ophthalmologist, a specialist in cataract surgery).

Jacobovitz multifunctional chopper kit

ZEISS miLOOP Drylab Kit (small size)

The smaller version of the ZEISS miLoop drylab kit is a predecessor project to medium size ZEISS miLOOP Drylab Kit. With this kit the training of maneuvers with the ZEISS miLOOP happens face-to-face between the trainer and the trainee.

ZEISS miLoop drylab kit (small size)

ZEISS miLOOP Drylab Kit (medium size)

ZEISS miLOOP Drylab Kit is a result of our cooperation with ZEISS Medical Technology

ZEISS miLOOP is designed to remove the challenges concerning hard cataracts. ZEISS requested a remote training solution and an artificial eye for ZEISS miLOOP so GmbH developed a kit with a customized artificial eye that includes a phone or computer connection to a microscope.

ZEISS miLOOP Drylab Kit can be used for customer demonstrations, customer certifications, and train-the-trainer certification.

ZEISS miLoop drylab kit (medium size)

Angle pad

This product came into realization due to Oertli Instrumente AG’s request when they wanted a realistic experience while training on the artificial eye that GmbH developed for them. This pad enables the artificial eye to “float” realistically around its orbit, which simulates a real human eye’s behaviour and movement.

Angle retainer 4 eye2

Bayer EYLEA (small size)

Bayer requested a training kit for their Eylea Injection solution in a pre-filled syringe. GmbH developed an artificial training eye for the injection and a kit that includes all the necessary equipment to perform the procedure.

Bayer EYLEA (small size)

Drylab Kit (large size)

Through cooperation with our customers, we have developed a large version of the Drylab Kit. With DryLab Kit, there is no need for an operation room or physical wetlabs to train small ophthalmic surgeries, interventions, or applications.

Now it is possible to participate in instructions sessions remotely from your own kitchen table. The main feature of DryLab Kit is the connection between a digital microscope and a tablet. The trainee sees from the tablet how he/she is handling the operation while training with our artificial eyes. The trainee can also observe and listen to the instructor how the maneuvers are done correctly and safely.

The connection between you and your end-users can be established via all standard web conference tools: Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, etc. You can customize the DryLab Kits with your special instruments and accessories needed for your application, while the hard flight case protects it when sending it to your users, regardless of location.

Drylab kit (large size)

Eye 4 calibration and measurement

Eye 4 calibration and measurement was designed in the course of an ongoing research collaboration with Occyo GmbH. Occyo develops an ocular imaging device, the Cornea Dome Lens, which captures standardized high-resolution ocular surface photographs, enabling semi-automated diagnosis and precise monitoring of ocular surface pathologies.

In this project, our role was to develop a custom-designed calibration tool for the Cornea Dome Lens.

Eye 4 calibration and measurement

Set 4 PRESERFLO™ Shunt

This product is a large-scale model of the original product. Santen requested this type of a demonstration tool for their PRESERFLO™ MicroShunt. The tenfold enlarged shunt in the Set 4 PRESERFLO™ Shunt shows how the small-scale product functions.


HFDS DryLab Kit (Medium)

Oertli Instrumente AG contacted us and wanted to develop a training product for HFDS glaucoma technique. This kit contains the following features and products: reusable artificial HFDS eyes (divided into 4 quadrants) with tiltable holder, integrated USB camera for live stream on your notebook, relevant accessories to perform HFDS as gonioscopic lens, viscoelastics and reusable HFDS Glaucoma tip with its diathermy handpiece.

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How does custom development work?


Contact us

When need for developing a custom product arises, please contact us to get started!


Sample shipment

Customers can inspect the stock products that are similar to the requested product. By reviewing the samples, customers may find some features that they would like improve.


Prototyping & design

Based on the sample review, multiple prototypes are designed and carried out. The development of the final product will be conducted tightly with the customer, so that the results meet expectations. 


Production & shipment

After development of the final product has reached the finish point, the production may begin. After production, it’s time for shipment!

Custom development FAQ

What does it mean to develop a custom product with

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing medical training equipment. Since you as a customer might have a specific request for a medical equipment, we could realize this request through our development processes.

How long does it takes to develop a product?

Depends on the complexity of the product, but usually maximum 3 months.

How much it costs to develop a custom product?

Depends on the extent of the request. Small changes in our stock product are possible to implement with minor costs. We charge for the development by working hours. 


Please contact us, if you’d want to develop a custom product with us. 

What is the minimum quantity that can be requested to be developed?

There are no minimum quantities. Although, it is less expensive to request higher quantities!

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