MatPro 4 Eye

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Product Description:

The MatPro 4 Eye is an innovative solution designed specifically for ophthalmic training environments and wet labs. This product seamlessly combines comfort and cleanliness, ensuring an efficient and hygienic learning space. Crafted with a unique vacuum grip technology, the MatPro 4 Eye firmly adheres to any flat surface, offering unparalleled stability during intricate procedures. Additionally, its compatibility with our custom holders adds another layer of convenience, securely anchoring artificial eyes for precise and steady practice.

Product Size:

Item name
Attachment 4 MatPro
MatPro 4 Eye
PadPro 4 Eye (optional)
Angle Retainer 4 Eye (optional)
Eyelid 4 Eye (Optional)

How To Use:

  1. Secure the Attachment: Begin by sliding the Attachment 4 MatPro through the MatPro 4 Eye.
  2. Place and Lock: Once the Attachment 4 MatPro is threaded through, position the Padpro 4 Eye onto the attachment. A simple twist activates the locking system, securing the artificial eye in place.
  3. Ready for Practice: With the artificial eye firmly attached, the MatPro 4 Eye is now ready for use, offering a stable and clean platform for all your ophthalmic training needs.

The material reacts to temperature fluctuations. In the cold, the material hardens, so to attain the most realistic training experience, the artificial eye should be stored at room temperature. If possible, you should also protect the container from sunlight since the artificial eye is mostly made of photoreactive 3D-printed materials.