To order HFDS DryLab KIT, please visit HFDS DryLab Kit website. From this link, you can contact the responsible personnel.

If you order this product you will receive a training kit for the HFDS procedure with the following content:

2x Eye 4 HFDS

1x Angle Retainer 4 Eyes

1x MVR 21A

1x Methylcellulose (OVD), Dispersive

1x Rhexis needle (25G)

1x Cam 4 Eye

1x Extension 4 Cam

1x Markers for measuring/marking (1M-880-1S)

1x Gonio Lens


HFDS stands for High Frequency Deep Sclerotomy. In micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), HFDS creates direct access from the anterior chamber to the Schlemm’s canal and further into the sclera. The resistance of the trabecular meshwork is thus bypassed. The abee glaucoma tip is inserted through 1.2 mm paracentesis and, by means of diathermy output, it creates six small sclerotomy pockets in the iridocorneal angle, ensuring improved outflow of aqueous fluid.

HFDS can be used individually and can also be ideally combined with cataract surgery. HFDS is characterised by a very short intervention time. Bleb formation is prevented, and so is fibroblast movement to the sclerotomy. Moreover, there are no corneal scars. Oertli’s High Frequency Deep Sclerotomy boasts excellent long-term results. If required, a further HFDS intervention can be made to optimise results.
Advantages of HFDS®