Instruments 4 Practice




Suitable instruments are essential to achieving the most desirable outcome. Therefore, we have selected the best options available to provide you with the best tools for success.


Instruments4Practice contains the following products which can be ordered separately from the drop-down menu above:

  • Needle Holders (1M-02-145)
  • Bonn Forceps STR 1:2 (1M-286-MB)
  • Ligature Forceps (1M-03-230)
  • Conjunctival Forceps (1M-321-00)
  • Colibri Forceps (1M-04-310)
  • Colibri Corneal Suturing Forceps (1M-04-310)
  • Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps (1M-02-175)
  • MsPherson Tying Forceps (1M-03-230)
  • Corneal Scissor (1M-06-380)
  • Eye Scissors CVD STANDARD (1M-08-490)
  • Conjunctival Scissors blunt CVD (1M-701-TP)
  • Dressing Forceps BISHOP-HARMON (1M-04-270)
  • Cyclodialysis Spatula – 0.5 mm Wide; 10×15 mm Long Blades & Blunt Tips (1M-11-690 )
  • Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatulas (1M-11-690)
  • Iris Hook – 9 mm Angled Shaft & Blunt 0.75 mm Hook (1M-10-575)
  • Hirschman Iris Hooks (1M-10-575)
  • Eye Scissors Curved Blades with Sharp Points – Length 11.5 cm (1M-8-490)
  • Insertion Forceps for Acrylic & Silicone Lens – Length 10.5 cm (1M-3-240)
  • Capsulorhexis Forceps ANG Ultra Fine Grasping Tips – Length10.5 cm (1M-2-175)
  • Universal Micro Scissors CVD Length 14 cm (1M-2-155)
  • Lens Push and Pull Manipulator – 0.4 mm Ball & 0.8 mm Finger (1M-3-190)
  • Kuglen Lens Manipulatorts (1M-03-190)
  • Markers for measuring/marking (1M-880-1S)


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 1 cm

Bonn Forceps STR 1:2 (1M-286-MB), Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatulas (1M-11-690), Colibri Corneal Suturing Forceps (1M-04-310), Conjunctival Forceps (1M-321-00), Conjunctival Scissors blunt CVD (1M-701-TP), Hirschman Iris Hooks(1M-10-575), Kuglen Lens Manipulatorts (1M-03-190), Markers for measuring/marking (1M-880-1S), MsPherson Tying Forceps (1M-03-230), Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps (1M-02-175), Capsulorhexis Forceps (1M-2-175), Colibri Forceps (1M-04-310), Corneal Scissor (1M-06-380), Cyclodialysis Spatula (1M-11-690), Dressing Forceps BISHOP-HARMON (1M-04-270), Eye Scissors Curved (1M-8-490), Eye Scissors CVD STANDARD (1M-08-490), Insertion Forceps (1M-3-240), Iris Hook (1M-10-575), Ligature Forceps (1M-03-230), Needle Holders (1M-02-145), Push and Pull Manipulator(1M-03-190), Universal Micro Scissors (1M-2-155)