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Slit Knife 2.4mm (SurgiLab)

Straight Knife 15° (SurgiLab)

MVR Knife MVR 21G (SurgiLab)

Angled Crescent Knife (SurgiLab)

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HS Codes and Customs Tariff Numbers 39139000 Natural polymers and modified natural polymers, e.g. country of Origin: Austria

Description GmbH and SURGI LAB AB have joined forces to bring you a groundbreaking selection of ophthalmic surgical training knives.

SURGI LAB AB, a renowned Swiss-based manufacturer specializing in single-use products for surgical ophthalmology, prides itself on using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, innovative designs, and advanced materials. This commitment to quality and precision has made them a trusted name in the industry.

Our new line of surgical training knives reflects this dedication to excellence. Each tool has been meticulously designed and crafted for perfection, ensuring the highest level of precision and reliability during surgical procedures.

Products included in this range are:

  1. Slit Knife 2.4mm: This cutting-edge surgical tool has been engineered to make precise, clean cuts. The 2.4mm size ensures utmost precision and control, making it an ideal tool for delicate surgical procedures.
  2. Straight Knife 15°: With its 15-degree angle, this straight knife provides surgeons with enhanced visibility and precision during operations. Its ergonomic design and sharp edge ensure smooth incisions, enhancing overall surgical outcomes.
  3. MVR Knife 21G: Specifically designed for vitreo-retinal surgeries, this Micro Vitreo-Retinal (MVR) knife is used to create precise, small-gauge entry points in the sclera. The 21-gauge needle provides unmatched precision and ease of use, making it ideal for introducing surgical instruments into the vitreous humor.
  4. Angled Crescent Knife: Angled, crescent-shaped blade for precise control and accuracy, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

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Slit knife 2,4mm
Straight Knife 15°
MVR knife 21G
Angled Crescent Knife