Illumination 4 Eye


HS Codes and Customs Tariff Numbers 39139000 Natural polymers and modified natural polymers, e.g. country of Origin: Austria


Product Description:

Illumination 4 Eye is a cutting-edge training device tailored for vitrectomy surgical training. This specialized tool is equipped with an advanced illumination system, crucial for providing clear and focused light to the eye. This feature is vital for accurately mimicking the conditions encountered in real ophthalmic surgeries. Whether illuminating through trocars for internal eye procedures or underneath the eye for external approaches, Illumination 4 Eye ensures that trainees can practice under realistically lit conditions.

Light Source: The dedicated light source provides consistent illumination, which is crucial for accurately replicating surgical conditions.

  • 1200 lm
  • Diameter 31 mm
  • Length 160mm
  • Weight 280g


Fibre-Optic Cable: The inclusion of a fibre-optic cable allows for flexible and precise light direction, essential for detailed ophthalmic procedures.

  • Diameter 0.5mm
  • Compatible with 25 Gauge needle or smaller.


Rechargeable System: The device comes with a rechargeable power source and mini-USB, making it convenient and cost-effective for prolonged use.

  • Batterie: 3,7 V, 4000 mAH
  • Several hours of battery life


Waterproof Capabilities: Its waterproof design ensures durability and safe operation in various training environments, including scenarios that involve fluid interaction.

Ease of Use: Illumination 4 Eye is intuitively designed, ensuring that trainees and educators can operate it efficiently without extensive prior training.

Products Size:

Item name Quantity
Illumination 4 Eye 1

You should also protect the container from sunlight if possible since the artificial eye is mostly made out of photoreactive 3D-printed materials. The material reacts to temperature fluctuations. In the cold, the material hardens, so to attain the most realistic training experience, the artificial eye should be stored at room temperature.

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Additional information

Weight 0,005 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 109 cm