Kit 4 Vitrectomy

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Product Description:

Kit 4 Vitrectomy is an innovative training solution for aspiring ophthalmologists with all the necessary tools and instruments for vitrectomy. Invest in Kit 4 Vitrectomy and take the first step towards becoming an expert in vitrectomy. With this kit, you can practice various procedures and techniques, such as colouring & removal of the vitreous body gel, ILM peeling, extracting magnetic foreign bodies, management of the dropped nuclear fragments, suturing, preparing and positioning trocars and manoeuvring with micro scissors and forceps.

If you are interested in trying out just the artificial eye of this kit, please visit the Eye 4 Vitrectomy page. The vitreous chamber is filled with our famous Vitreous Body Gel, a high-quality, in-house developed product for vitreous body gel that meets the highest standards. This product is made out of synthetic materials, eliminating the risk of contamination over time, unlike egg white which is commonly used to mimic vitreous body gel.

As with all our new eyes, Eye 4 Vitrectomy is compatible with our new Angle Retainer 4 Eye.

Our own Dye 4 Vitreous can be used for training the vitrectomy operation.


ILM peeling (Retina thickness: 50µm)
Extracting magnetic foreign bodies
Management of the dropped nuclear fragments
Producing of pars plana vitrectomy ports (Microincision Vitrectomy Trocars)
Manoeuvring with micro scissors and forceps
Use of heavy liquid, oil and gas

Products size:

Eye 4 Vitrectomy 2
PadPro 4 Eye 1
Head 4 Eyes 1
Vitreous Body Gel 500ml 1
Dye 4 Vitreous 1
Silicone Oil B 1000 1
Heavy Liquid 1
Single 7.0 PGA 1
Trocars 20G with Infusion Line 1
End Gripping Forceps 20G Point Size 3.0mm Shaft Length 35mm 1
Foreign Body Forceps 3Prong 20G Point Size 3.0mm Shaft Length 35mm 1
Plain Forceps 20G Point Size 3.0mm Shaft Length 35mm 1
Scissors Straight 20G Point Size 3.0mm Shaft Length 35mm 1
Straight Knife 15° (SurgiLab) 1
Slit Knife 2.4mm (SurgiLab) 1
Needle Holder 1M-02-145 1
Dressing Forcep Bishop-Harmon 1M-04-270 1
Colibri Forcep 1M-04-310 1

The material reacts to temperature fluctuations. In the cold, the material hardens, so to attain the most realistic training experience, the artificial eye should be stored at room temperature. If possible, you should also protect the container from sunlight since the artificial eye is mostly made of photoreactive 3D-printed materials.

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