Suture Skills Trainer



If you order this product, you receive a real feeling patch of skin. The skin pad will accept most trochars from a Verres type needle to a 12mm trochar. The skin tissue has considerable elasticity and has been designed to simulate the resistance experienced on body entry.

A durable, long-lasting surface double-sided skin, A sub-dermis (red) and a fatty layer (yellow), A soft tactile skin ideal for suture practice, A strong supporting plastic jig, Key Skills, Making an incision, Subdermal suturing, Continuous suturing, Stapling, Sub-cuticular suturing, Interrupted suturing, Suture removal skills, Closure, Use of adhesive strips and Intra-dermal injection

One package contains one double-sided skin and one friction platform made out of thermoplastic. This holder is also fitted with four legs for a guaranteed tilt- and slip-free work experience.