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Introducing Kit 4 Rhexis with Cataract, the reusable training tool for aspiring ophthalmologists. With three difficulty levels to choose from – Beginner, Open Sky, and Advanced – users can easily adjust the trainer to match their skill level.

The Beginner Rhexis Trainer is perfect for those just starting out in rhexis surgery. By adjusting the Rhexis Foil between the Rhexis Base and the Rig 4 Fixation, trainees can start the training! We recommend practicing with the Beginner Rhexis Trainer at least 50 times before moving on to the next level.

The Open Sky Rhexis Trainer is the ideal next step for those looking to improve their rhexis skills. With the addition of the Open Sky Top, featuring three different incision options and an artificial sclera for a more realistic training experience, users can take their skills to new heights.

The Advanced Rhexis Trainer is the ultimate tool for experienced surgeons looking to fine-tune their rhexis technique. With an artificial cornea, this trainer offers a more realistic training experience. After the capsulorhexis, the trainee can move on to the phaco operation with three different types of cataracts to choose from.

With Kit 4 Rhexis with Cataract, you’ll have everything you need to know the basics of rhexis and cataract operations. If you desire highly sophisticated and realistic training, please have a look at our more advanced artificial eyes.

Kit 4 Rhexis with Cataract

Kit 4 Rhexis with Cataract

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