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Pads, Holders, Artificial Eyes, Instruments and Fake: Implantation Devices and Liquids

We decided to produce an extra batch of 1000 Head 4 Eyes and offer them a significant discount, especially for students.

Sets 4 Students

During these challenging times of social distancing and telecommuting, we want to provide students an opportunity to ease the struggle of being insides with no colleagues around. We decided to produce an extra batch of 1.000 Head 4 Eyes and offer them a significant discount, especially for students. To access this discount, a student must post a picture to a social media platform of the purchase. We offer four discounted sets that are targeted to different kinds of operations.


Wetlab training

mts the wetlab company GmbH is an important partner who is utilizing eyecre.at GmbH ophthalmic training equipment in their educational wetlab sessions. If you are interested in taking part in a professional wetlab with international instructors you can find more information here.

The best care is on your side


This campaign enables students to access our products at low costs

Work from home

You can exercise operations with our tools from home. There is no need to go to closed laboratory facilities to enhance your skills

High Quality

We can guarantee our equipment is the most competent in the market.


Eyecre.at staff is always there to help you if you have any problems with or questions about our merchandise

To verify your student status, you need to send a photo of your:
- Valid student ID 
- Class registration 
- School bill

Compaign 1: 21.05.2020-30.06.2020

Compaign 2: 28.05.2020-30.06.2020

Compaign 3: 04.06.2020-30.06.2020

Compaign 4: 11.06.2020-30.06.2020

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