Set Pad 4 Pigs



Product Description:

If you order this product, you will receive four Pad 4 Pigs. The new Pad 4 Pigs is the result of 20 years of wetlab routine and efficient designing. The improved material is resilient, durable, and has the ease of needle attachment. The proven shape and volume of the eye-fixation pads were adjusted for draining all occurring liquids during the operation in the Head 4 Eyes, so they don’t end up on your clothes or the table. Just because it’s a wetlab, we don’t need to get everything wet.

The material used in Pad 4 Pigs consists of a blend of silicones and enables a smoother surface, which can be easily washed. The Pad 4 Pigs is designed for human, pig, or other animal eyes in the same size. Our recommendation: optimal training and practice results are achieved by using the Pad in conjunction with our Head 4 Eyes. Numerous other pads are available here. One package contains 4 Pads.

With a minimum order of 150 Pads 4 Pigs, the color can be chosen at will, and adaptations to the form and the logo can be integrated. All products are handmade and so may vary in design and color. If interested and for more information, contact us here. After use, feel free to clean the Pad in the dishwasher or autoclave (up to 300 degrees centigrade).

Product Size:

Pad 4 Pigs 4

You can order fresh eyes through our partner mts-the wetlab company GmbH.


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