Eye 4 Biometry

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If you order this product, you receive 1 eye in 1 container without moisture. You should also protect the container from sunlight if possible since the artificial eye is mostly made out of photoreactive 3D-printed materials. The material reacts to temperature fluctuations. In the cold, the material hardens, so to attain the most realistic training experience, the artificial eye should be stored at room temperature. This eye is for noninvasive diagnostic simulation only and is not adapted to operations.

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Eye 4 Biometry is a whole eye with real optical parameters. Several diagnostic procedures can be simulated with such a configuration: Retina recognition and tracking, Optical coherence tomography and Optical Biometry.

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Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 26 × 11 × 12 cm
liquids or hydrophilics

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