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The minimum order quantity is 12 units. You should protect the container from sunlight if possible since the artificial eye is mostly made out of photoreactive 3D-printed materials. The material reacts to temperature fluctuations. In the cold, the material hardens, so to attain the most realistic training experience, the artificial eye should be stored at room temperature. Also, 100ml of our Vitreous Body Gel, a Dye for Vitreous, a cannula and a infusion set are included.

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Eye 4 Anterior Vitrectomy is ideal for practicing, demonstrating, and simulating operations known as  Phacoemulsification, I&A , IOL implantation, and Anterior Vitrectomy. With the additional material, you can simulate continuous prolapsing of vitreous after a rupture of the posterior capsule. With the Dye for Vitreous, you can then easily perform the anterior vitrectomy.

What Phacoemulsification is:

Phacoemulsification is a modern cataract surgery in which the eye´s internal lens is emulsified with an ultrasonic handpiece and aspirated from the eye. Aspirated fluids are replaced with irrigation of balanced salt solution to maintain the anterior chamber.

Most Anterior Vitrectomy procedure are necessary when :

As most vitreous prolapse in cataract surgery occurs after a rupture of the posterior capsule, the essential step in management is to recognize that capsular rupture has occurred. Early recognition of a capsular tear may limit the size of the rupture and the amount of vitreous prolapse. Posterior capsular tears occur at the highest rate toward the end of phacoemulsification when few pieces of nucleus remain in the bag; during irrigation and aspiration (I&A) of cortical material; or capsular polishing.

Use with Head 4 Eyes and Pad 4 Eyes for best results.

Also you will  get more realistic results by lubricating the phaco silicone tip prior when you use it with water oil or OVD.

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