Newsletter October


“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.” –  J.W. von Goethe

Training is a key component of any skill. But training has to be done in the right way and with the right tools, otherwise it serves no purpose. This is why we created our new head retainer. 

The starting point for every one of our solutions are the needs and feedbacks of our customers. We actively examine them, trying to fulfill all the needs and request which arise. When performing operations in the irideocorneal area, for example, it is much easier to operate on a tilted head, or, often, operations happen to be on tilted plans, not on plainly horizontal ones. To operate on a tilted angle, however, is completely different from a horizontal one. For this reason, it is extremely important to practice, in order to get the right feeling and coordination of the movements.  With our new Angles retainer 4 head (associated to our Head4Eyes), is now possible to do it, on a top-class support, with a premium feeling. The holder allows to tilt the head of 45° in every direction, while the high-end materials ensure ease of use and maximum accessibility. Lightness is granted through the magnesium ballhead mount, while maximum compatibility with our head is achieved through the 3D printed headmount on top. To complete the package, the wide, laser-engraved, acrylic base ensures the optimal stability.

We hope you will enjoy using one soon!


The testimonial of the month is Dr. Sebastian Ingwerth, an ophthalmologist from Hamburg, Germany. The first time he came in contact with GmbH products was at a Wetlab. We asked his opinion about his experience with’s world. He was delighted.

“I am deeply convinced that the key to a good patient treatment is keeping one’s personal knowledge constantly up-to-date, and to transfer it in practical experience.

On the side of congresses and professional trainings, wetlabs are a good possibility to train. More than anything else, the value of wetlabs lies in the possibility of testing new skills directly in a real life-like setting. Moreover, they are held in small groups, often with really experienced tutors, in an environment which enhances the direct exchange of knowledge among the participants and tutors. Therefore, in order to master new techniques, I have built a wetlab of  my own. It is composed of many instruments and tools, as microscopes, operations systems, tweezers, tongs, knives, to reproduce closely a real feeling. 

 “I use Eyecre products from the beginning of my wetlab and I am definitely happy with them.”

Many professionals use products in terms of practice I use Eyecre products from the beginning of my wetlab and I am definitely happy with them. Two of the most important products to me, are the Head4eyes and the Pad4eyes. With them it is possible to fix any kind of pig- or fake-eyes, to operate in the most realistic set up. In addition, the Head4eyes perfect design is very functional: the pads stay still and the water easily flows away, all of this in a product which is anatomically correct and really durable.

I am always been very satisfied with Eyecre’s products and services. The products are of a good quality and the delivery is fast and on time. Then, whenever I have special requests, the staff is always keen on helping me out, with nearly all the requests solved after a couple emails. Moreover, I find it particularly good that can provide me all  the different products I need, so I don’t have to struggle with the organization of my equipment.

I can recommend products to anyone who want to improve their skills.” 

The interview has been translated from German.

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