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Here we are: the shortest, coldest, month of the year,  in full winter fashion. Here at Eyecre.at we are happy to provide you some good content to take a look at from your warm offices or after a day on the slopes.

Welcome to the February edition of our newsletter!

This time we present you one of our most recent masterpieces, created in collaboration 2 of our best partners 3D-Druck Hechenberger and Wilens.



On top of my desk in the office, there is a poster, black capital letters on a white background: “Don’t settle, innovate!”. It is surely motivational, but also serves an other purpose: it reminds everyone in the office where our strength is. Our products are the innovation, ahead of every trend. Now, the biggest long-term innovation in our sector is definitely laser surgery, and we could not leave it unaddressed.

Lasik surgeries’ market is constantly growing, generating more and more demand for opticians trained in handling lasers, however training kits are really rare to find and, mostly, extremely expensive. This is why we created the Kit4refractive laser surgery. Its parts are specifically made to fit together with our other products,like the Pads4Eyes and the Angles Retainer 4 Head, in order to lower the costs and the burdens of having different sets for different operations and make your life easier. Moreover, once your setup is in place, it’s possible to purchase only the new corneas for the eye – the Hydrocorneas4AAC – available in a large variety of shapes and properties, thanks to the partnership with one of the best handmade lens manufacturer in Europe. In fact, to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency standards we carefully selected the best partners: all of the parts are 3D printed by  3D-Druck Hechenberger and the lenses are carefully crafted by Wilens.

So, don’t lose the innovation train, and get yourself a ticket to jump in the laser surgery world!



Watch our Hydrophilics in action! 
This video features the Hydrophilics 4 Practice set and provides all the necessary operations to use it in a live setup.



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