Newsletter April

Dear readers,

spring is at the door with longer days, warmer temperatures and whole lot of new opportunities. With our newslwtter, we couldn’t abide from the chance of bringing some news as well!

Follow us, as we present you our newest product and introduce our new channel of communication.



We always knew our products are sexy, but today we decided to give them their own showcase.
So, Yes, Eyecreat.at Gmbh landed on Instagram!

You can find us as: Eyecre.at

We will use the profile to present our products and ideas, but also to bring you into our world, into the production and to our events. It will be like being with us in any phase of the production. Additionally, we will feature more interactive contents, where you all will have live feedbacks from us, about all of your questions.
It will be our most direct mean of communication, without filters and limitations.

So drop us a like at .. and enter our world of marvels.



Our new iris is in the cart, waiting to be put at a stake: please contact us to test your application with it.

Possible applications are mechanic pupil dilators such APX 200 Pupil Expander, Morcher Capsular Tension Rings, Geuder Capsular Tension Ring Injector, EyeJet, Cionni Capsular Tension Rings, Iris Retractor, Mackool Cataract Support System, Ring Calipers, Morcher Pupil Dilator, Geuder Pupil Dilator Injector, Henderson Capsular Tension Ring (HCTR), Ahmed Capsular Tension Segment (CTS).
We  would like to offer this iris on various eye model of our sortiment, in different colors and diameter.

This is totally new opportunity, don’t lose the chance to test it in preview!

For more informations contact us at info@eyecre.at



In addition, only for this month, we are giving you a special discount of 20% on our hydrogel products with the code:


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*The code is valid until the 01.05.2019

For every suggestion or feedback, or any additional information contact us at 


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