Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce our updated set of instruments, Instruments 4 Practice. The customer can choose from 25 different instruments, which are listed below:

Bonn Forceps STR 1:2 (1M-286-MB)
Colibri Forceps (1M-04-310)
Conjunctival Scissors blunt CVD (1M-701-TP)
Corneal Scissor (1M-06-380)
Cyclodialysis Spatula – 0.5 mm Wide; 10×15 mm Long Blades & Blunt Tips (1M-11-690 )
Dressing Forceps (1M-04-271)
Dressing Forceps BISHOP-HARMON (1M-04-270)
Eye Scissors CVD STANDARD (1M-08-490)
Fixation Forceps (1m-05-371)
Globe Fixation Forceps (1M-05-370)
Insertion Forceps for Acrylic & Silicone Lens – Length 10.5 cm (1M-03-240)
Iris Hook – 9 mm Angled Shaft & Blunt 0.75 mm Hook (1M-10-575)
Lens Push and Pull Manipulator – 0.4 mm Ball & 0.8 mm Finger (1M-03-190)
Lid Retractor (1M-11-665)
Lieberman Solid Blade Speculums (1M-01-125)
Ligature Forceps (1M-03-230)
Markers for measuring/marking (1M-880-1S)
Muscle Hooks (1M-10-650)
Needle Holders (1M-02-145)
Ophthalmic Caliper (1M-12-735)
Scalpel Handles (1M-11-705)
Tenotomy Hooks (1M-10-655)
Universal Micro Scissors CVD Length 14 cm (1M-02-155)
Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps (1M-02-175)
Westcott Tenotomy Scissors (1M-07-456)

Thank you, Muhammad Waseem & Olsun Surgical, for the pleasant cooperation and for providing us with the training instruments!

Instruments 4 Practice:

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