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Currently, there are 5.1 million tests conducted worldwide daily. Therefore, we developed a new product to demonstrate how to safely and correctly perform the nasal swab COVID-19-test without medical professionals’ presence. Training this procedure ensures a safe entry of the swab and sufficient sample for testing. GmbH provides this training set for school teachers to educate themselves and their students on how to handle the sample swab without causing internal damage. If the test is performed incorrectly, it might cause breaking of the swab’s tip or severe nosebleed. Furthermore, the result of the test might be inaccurate if the test is performed mistakenly. Our product strives to prevent these errors in self-testing and make the future testing experience more comfortable.

Due to our rapid prototyping team and additive manufacturing processes, GmbH is capable to provide tailored 3D-printed medical solutions for various requests. If you have problems finding a partner to produce a niche/unique solution, please let us know!

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