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Dear readers,

We want to demonstrate how to use our Eye 4 Cataract correctly in training situations with this video. Since the demand for our ophthalmic training solutions has increased in Brazil, we provided subtitles in Portuguese for this instructional video.

First, we show how to assemble the Eye 4 Cataract with the following parts: backplate, cornea, rhexis, and lenses with three levels of hardness. Next, we provide a tip on how to keep track of the insertion by utilizing ink to mark the artificial eye’s entries. We suggest lubricating the tip with viscoelastic for the phaco device’s insertion since the end of the device and the Eye 4 Cataract are both made out of silicone.

We hope that you will find these instructions helpful for future training. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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