Jacobovitz Multifunctional Chopper Kit

Hello everyone, We want to present to you the finalized versions of the Jacobovitz multifunctional chopper kit. With this kit, you can train symmetric bimanual phaco fragmentation on an artificial eye with the Jacobovitz multifunctional chopper. The kit includes two (Geuder) Jacobovitz multifunctional choppers, two artificial eyes, and lenses with various rigidities. The reusable Eye […]

New Website

Hello everyone! We are proud and excited about our new website, which UX, marketing hybrid & web designer Amanda Ng developed and designed. The new website is easier to navigate, has more content, and all in all is a delightful environment for visitors to get to know us and our services. To make the customer […]

Video: Nasal Covid Trainer Kit

Dear readers, Here is a brief introduction video on how to operate the Nasal covid trainer. We hope that you find this video helpful and interesting. Further information: Nasal Covid Training Kit

Nasal Covid Training Kit

Dear readers,, Currently, there are 5.1 million tests conducted worldwide daily. Therefore, we developed a new product to demonstrate how to safely and correctly perform the nasal swab COVID-19-test without medical professionals’ presence. Training this procedure ensures a safe entry of the swab and sufficient sample for testing. eyecre.at GmbH provides this training set for […]

Updated product: Eye 4 Strabismus and Buckling

Dear readers, Our updated artificial eye Eye 4 Strabismus and Buckling is ideal for practicing, demonstrating, and simulating operations known as buckling, suturing, and strabismus. What buckling is: A buckle or sponge is stitched around an outer layer of the eye and surgically sewn in place so it can not move. Buckling is designed to […]

relyon plasma

Dear readers, To secure our artificial eyes’ robust structure, we wanted to find the best solution for treating our products. The best solution was relyon plasma, the world’s smallest handheld plasma device with PPD technology. Since we acquired relyon plasma, our production quality and efficiency have increased remarkably. Thank you, relyon plasma GmbH! Further information:https://lnkd.in/ePtDx7B

New product: Eye 4 Demonstration Retina

Dear readers, Our new Eye 4 Demonstration Retina is the perfect product for your showcases. We put our master crafters at work to make it look as realistic as possible. The entire eye is made out of hard 3D printed material. The eye can be opened for filling or emptying utilizing a screw cap on […]

Eye 4 Cataract, Tips for Surgery

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeMaD-FBoZ8 Dear readers, We want to demonstrate how to use our Eye 4 Cataract correctly in training situations with this video. Since the demand for our ophthalmic training solutions has increased in Brazil, we provided subtitles in Portuguese for this instructional video. First, we show how to assemble the Eye 4 Cataract with the following […]

3D-printed Customized Solutions

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxhDi5CpwbIDear readers, We would like to inform you about our capabilities to produce customized solutions! Thanks to our rapid prototyping team and our additive manufacturing processes (3D-printing), we can batch produce medical models in our prototype lab. For example, we received a small volume product development request for mortuary purposes since no equivalent products were […]

Drylab Kit: Portable Ophthalmic Traning

Dear readers, We want to tell youabout our new exciting project: DryLab Kit. Our goal is that this kit will make ophthalmic training more convenient and accessible for everyone! With DryLab Kit, there is no need for an operation room or physical wetlabs to train small ophthalmic surgeries, interventions, or applications. Now it is possible […]