Training course: Cochlear Implants

Hello everyone, We want to congratulate MED-EL, Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität & mts the wetlab company GmbH for the successful training course for Cochlear Implants. MED-EL, Cochlear Implants: Paracelsus Medical University (PMU): mts the wetlab company GmbH:

Vacuum Holder 4 pigs in pad

Hello everyone, Based on the feedback from our customers, we updated and improved the Vacuum Holder 4 pigs in pad! Now the pad is 3D-printed as one print from different materials. Therefore, the pad is more durable and easier to clean. It can be hand-washed in 50°C water with soap. Also, alcohol can be used […]

Jacobovitz Training course

Hello everyone, We are happy to show the latest results from working with Dr. Sérgio Jabobovitz (Md, Ph.D., Ophthalmologist, a specialist in cataract surgery). The course was a success, and all the participants were satisfied with the Jacobovitz Chopper as well as with the training products. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need […]

New Kit: Kit 4 Vitrectomy

Hello everyone, We are excited to present our new kit for training surgical procedures of vitrectomy, Kit 4 Vitrectomy! We have selected the most suitable instruments and equipment to enhance the training experience. With this set, you can practice various operations, such as extract a foreign object, retinal detachment, Vitreous Body Gel staining and removal, […]

UV Surface Treatment: Rapid prototyping with customised graphics

Hello everyone! We, GmbH and Addion GmbH, are excited to announce that we have acquired a new UV printer to Addion´s machine park! This new UV printer enables us to print customised graphic on almost any surfaces. Please visit our custom solution page on our website! From there, you might find some inspiration for […]

New Product: Instruments 4 Practice

Hello everyone, We are excited to announce our updated set of instruments, Instruments 4 Practice. The customer can choose from 25 different instruments, which are listed below: Bonn Forceps STR 1:2 (1M-286-MB) Colibri Forceps (1M-04-310) Conjunctival Scissors blunt CVD (1M-701-TP) Corneal Scissor (1M-06-380) Cyclodialysis Spatula – 0.5 mm Wide; 10×15 mm Long Blades & Blunt […]

New Product: Instruments 4 Vitrectomy

Hello everyone, We are excited to announce our new customised vitrectomy training instruments, Instruments 4 Vitrectomy. The customer can choose from one to four instruments which are listed below: Foreign Body Forceps Scissors Straight End Gripping Forceps Plain Forceps Thank you, Muhammad Waseem & Olsun Surgical, for the pleasant cooperation and for providing us with […]

New Products: Extension 4 Cam & Cam 4 Eyes

Hello everyone, We are excited to announce our new product on our webshop. Extension 4 Cam provides the trainer with a better camera angle while training ophthalmic operations. This product is compatible with our Cam 4 Eyes. Extension 4 Cam Cam 4 Eyes If you are interested, please visit our webshop or contact […]

New Website: Custom Solutions

Hello everyone! By renewing our website, we also wanted to emphasise our customer-specific product development services. Now the customers can get familiar with our different custom possibilities and compare their own wishes to our already succeeded projects. The following topics are introduced on our “Custom solutions” page:1. What we customise?2. What we have customised?3. How […]

Eye 4 calibration and measurement

Hello everyone, We are excited to present our latest fulfilled development project: Eye 4 calibration and measurement. It was designed in the course of an ongoing research collaboration with Occyo GmbH (Innsbruck, A). Occyo develops an ocular imaging device, the Cornea Dome Lens, which captures standardized high-resolution ocular surface photographs, enabling semi-automated diagnosis and precise […]